TUTUS Top Solution for Dropped Objects


#1 In Variety Of "Passive Protection" On Elevated Work Platforms

Wind tunnel testing

Wind Tunnel Tested

1st To Develop Gladiator Mesh, Based Off Wind Tunnel Analysis

Written Approval from OEM

OEM Approvals

Largest Selection Of Passive Drop Prevention With OEM Approval


If You Think You Can Slide By Using Cheap Mesh Netting Think Again! 

Be prepared to gear up and have your next aerial work platform rental stand out on the job site!  Foremen will be fumbling over themselves to ask you and your crew what exactly is the A.W.P. safety product you are using. Regardless of motive, whether you're someone who lives to stay up on the next best thing or you want to prevent paying out to insurance companies from dropping of tools on the job site.  Tutus D.O.P.S. is your practical, economical, safe and effective way to go about it.  Don't believe me?  The Bureau of labor statistics reports that over 50,000 "struck by falling objects" OSHA recordable(s) happen every single year. Not to mention Liberty Mutual Safety index claims the third most common injury is being struck by an object or equipment. Which accounts for 8.9% of reported injuries, at a cost of $5.3 billion. 

The only Company

That contains tools & objects when they fall from the control panel of boom lift.


Control panel cover by Tutus drop prevention installed on skyjack boom lift
Mesh Control Panel Netting installed on Genie in conjunction with the TUTUS Universal product.
Safety netting on JLG

Innovative & Ingenious Design

That Install onto Boom Lift, Aerial Lifts, Scissor lifts, Cherry pickers, Elevating Platforms and Mobile Equipment


Half Mesh Products on Genie and JLG
Full mesh for genie and JLG
Bottomless product

Unmatched in Variaty

Available on multiple size platform baskets fitting over 100+ OEM equipment models


Looking at the bottomless door from ground
Looking at the weather proof box
Half mesh angled


This time saving, easy to install product fits most major OEM brands. Always comes with Control Panel and Bottom. Best Value product. Available in Full Mesh & Half Mesh



Undeniable Custom Design Capability

Scissor lifts create unique challenges that we have become comfortable designing against. 

2021-04-23 17.26.10
Scissor lift and boom lift with drop prevention mesh fabric netting

How may we be your passive protection partner in safety.

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