Founded in 2015


Our Product Focus

Entry / Access Point is Covered

Your access point can cost you big. OSHA requires debris to be more than eight (8') feet away from the entry point in-order to not mitigate the potential of a dropped object.

Protecting the Control Panel

A product that does not protect the control panel of the lift. You are wasting your money in most cases. The Control panel is the tool shelf. This is your highest potential of non-tethered items to fall. We get called in to help because we keep that bottle of water, loose bolt, camera, or notepad from falling to the ground.


30 Month Useful Life

Tutus has developed is own debris mesh, constructed of 1300 denier yarn and Inherently treated FR PVC. The outcome are products that when maintained and cleaned far exceed the warranty period.  Customers have informed us of products in use in excess of 30 months.

90 lbs. of static weight

Consider what happens to your employees tools when driving over a pot hole.  We know that the tools go flying.  Should the majority of those tools go over the toe-board you will need a product that can capture and handle the weight.

OEM Approval Database

Tutus is an active participant of ANSI, ISO, ASSP, IPAF, and SAIA.  The volunteering is to maintain active relationships with other industry members to ensure your work is performed within their guidelines.

Tutus has the largest approval letter database of all dropped object prevention companies globaly. We currently develop OEM Compliant products meeting the OEM approval letter details for major brands such as GENIE, SKYJACK, MEC.

When a new product is needed we work oon behalf our client to leverage our experience and contacts to apply for the OEM Approval they need to be compliant and avoid OSHA citations under the general duty clause subpart L.


Since 2018, Tutus has tested product in conjunction with the University of Hartford College of Engineering.  After extensive testing of what was readily available in the market Tutus developed and constructed a mesh only available to consumers through the D.O.P.S. product line.

In 2017, Tutus was accepted into the SATOP The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. Through this grant 3rd party analysis by an engineer was conducted.

In 2020, Tutus concluded in its allowable wind forces by product and began development of an ASTM standard in addition to ANSI and ISO standard to standardize the safety factors for dropped prevention in access equipment.

Scissors 3a, 3a+ and Booms 3b, 3b+

In your selection you must determine if the provider has a complete product offering. It is not enough to protect your fleet partially.

Once you have protected one piece of equipment, you are almost obligated to protect them all. Selecting a manufacturer like Tutus that has a complete product offering is crucial to your overall future program.

Install Time and Tools

5 mins and no tools is hard to beat. Tutus has developed its products to be stand alone solutions that once removed from the box quickly install without the need for additional tools.

Keep in mind that no two solutions are alike. Consider if your already using product accessories and if the dropped object solution you are selecting will interfere. We worked hard to stay out of other products and attachments.

The Biggest Problems Solved

Mitigating the fear of being cited under 1926.451(f)(1)(3).  Staying compliant with OSHA 1926.451(h)(1),(2),&(3). All while providing accident forgiveness to employees.

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