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IPAF INNOVATE 2018 Aerial and Mast Climber Workshop Challenge & Awards IPAF

“Innovation doesn’t happen by itself”

2018 Aerial and Mast Climber Workshop Challenge & Awards

Hosted by:  Houston Area Safety Council Headquarters and NASA Space Center Houston on October 16 – 17, 2018, Pasadena, Texas, USA

Innovation doesn’t happen by itself – become part of this event

  • Join us in Texas at the Houston Area Safety Council headquarters for an exciting new interactive event where you will collaborate and network with industry colleagues from manufacturers, rental companies, contractors, service companies – drivers, mechanics, managers, salespersons, operators and supervisors – in problem-solving workshops on the first day and presentations on the next.
  • Each attendee will be an active participant in promoting positive changes in the industry and will be assigned to one of the ten available workshops each facilitated by an IPAF North American Regional Council member – although you can specify your preferred workshops during registration.
  • The workshop topics are, Exiting an elevated work platform; Site risk assessment; Introduction to platform load sensing; Recognizing and avoiding electrocution; MEWP rescue plan; Do we know what a safe work site is?; Near misses; Retraining; Safe MEWP travelling on site; Qualified service technicians.

Workshop Topics

The ten workshop topics are as follows, during registration you can specify your preferred topic.

Please note, we will be keeping the groups balanced and as such, you may not get your initial choices. You can only participate in one workshop and you will be notified before the event on your assigned group.

1. Exiting an elevated work platform Facilitator: Scott Owyen – Training Manager, Genie

A controversial subject that happens every day no matter of opinion. How can we change it from a conversation topic to an action point?

2. Site risk assessment Mark Hinkel – President, Institute For Aerial Lift Safety

How many times do we see situations that could have been prevented if someone took the effort to look out for hazardous elements on a job-site in advance rather than just showing up with the equipment to get the job done?

3. Introduction to platform load sensing (i.e. how will it affect your job) Facilitator: Baldemar Guerrero – Director Environment Health and Safety, BlueLine Rental

You may love it, you may hate it, – it is here to stay. How will that affect how the jobs get done from construction sites, service work to building maintenance?

4. Recognizing and avoiding Electrocution Facilitator: Matthew Eckstine – Director of Operations and Safety Consultant, Eckstine & Associates, Inc

We all know it is the # 1 killer animal in the aerial industry, yet, we have to live with the beast as it feeds the very energy to the projects we work on. How can we continue to take better measures as apparently, we haven’t learned yet how to stay clear of the killer beast’s path.

5. MEWP rescue plan Facilitator: Jeff Stachowiak – Director of Safety Training, Sunbelt Rentals Inc

Yes, we all have a plan – but have we shared it and made sure everyone knows what it is? MEWP rescue plans are now mandatory, and how will that impact our industry and how we work.

6. Do we know what a safe work site is? Facilitator: Ian McGregor – Director of Product Safety, Skyjack Inc

It is just not all about the operator, but is the work site environment safe, have we done what we can to make sure nobody gets hit by falling objects, have proper precautions been made and what makes a job site safe for the surrounding area and those occupying it?

7. Near misses Facilitator: Forrest Hester – Chief Development Officer, Tutus, LLC

Unfortunately, it happens every day, but how do we communicate them? How do we develop and maintain a chain of communication where we both can learn from near misses and use these incidents in a pro-active way beyond just the person/s that experienced it?

8. Retraining Facilitator: Teresa Kee – Corporate Director, Field Safety, United Rentals Inc

What’s the difference between 10 years’ experience and 1 year’s experience that is 10 years old? Because we have been trained once does it mean we have been trained forever? As technology changes the playing field every day, are we good enough to update our training and how to use equipment safely?

9. Safe MEWP travelling on site Facilitator: Ebbe Christensen – President, ReachMaster Inc

Accidents involving MEWPs have thankfully been in decline thanks to better technology, yet when MEWP accidents happen, a great majority is not when they are in the air, but on the ground. During on/off loading, moved to the site or moved around on site. Why can’t we learn to get it right after all these years?

10. Qualified service technicians Facilitator: Andrew Martinez – Product Training Specialist, JLG

Are we losing qualified technicians faster through retirement than new Technician are joining the industry? With rapid change in technology comes rapid demand for technicians that can maintain the equipment, but is the industry ready for it? How do we get the next generation interested in this field of work and how do we ensure that they are up to the task?

WHO IS NARC (North American Regional Council)? What is IPAF?

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide in the widest sense – through providing technical advice and information; through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards; and through safety initiatives and training programs.

IPAF is a not-for-profit organization owned by its members, which include manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. IPAF members operate a majority of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide and manufacture about 85% of platforms on the market.

IPAF North American Regional Council Members

  • Lindsey Anderson Editor, Access, Lift & Handlers, KHL Group Americas
  • Brad Boehler President, Skyjack Inc
  • Ebbe Christensen President, ReachMaster Inc
  • James Dorris Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, United Rentals Inc
  • Matthew Eckstine Director of Operations and Safety Consultant, Eckstine & Associates, Inc
  • Baldemar Guerrero Director Environment Health and Safety, BlueLine Rental
  • Forrest Hester Chief Development Officer, Tutus, LLC
  • Mark Hinkel President, Institute For Aerial Lift Safety
  • William J Holler Sr. Vice President/Risk Advisory Solutions, The Horton Group
  • Harrison Jenkins Design Engineer, Terex AWP
  • Teresa Kee Corporate Director, Field Safety, United Rentals Inc
  • Jennifer Lombard President, Lizzy Lift
  • Tim Lotspeich VP of Risk and Transportation, Snorkel USA
  • Ian McGregor Director of Product Safety, Skyjack Inc
  • Kevin O’Shea Director of Safety and Training, Hydro Mobile Inc
  • Alastair Robertson President, Universal Equipment Inc
  • Scott Sasser Sales/Product Manager, Palfinger – Platforms Division
  • Richard Smith Sr. Director, Product Training, JLG Industries, Inc
  • Jeff Stachowiak Director of Safety Training, Sunbelt Rentals Inc
  • Greg Strid Director of Training, Mastclimbers LLC
  • Jeff Valind VP of Operations, Custom Equipment, Inc
  • Tony Groat North America – Regional Manager, IPAF

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