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Tutus is the only solution that totally encapsulates the Mobile Elevating Work Platform according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 50,000 "Struck by falling object" OSHA ... See more

At Tutus, we take immense pride in driving the industry standards of dropped object prevention and fall protection forward through our Revolutionary line of aerial lift enclosures and entrapment ... See more

Our specialization, is going from concept to market ready product for product(s) in the access industry. Conceptualizing what doesn't exist and performing market research.

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Being able to cover the toe board and bottom of the basket is a HUGE asset to our product!

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TUTUS began with a fast-paced timeline of ideas, development, testing, and prototype deployment – in two short years. D.O.P.S. founder Forrest Hester developed D.O.P.S. as an invention of necessity.

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The Tutus Dropped Object Prevention Solutions (D.O.P.S.) is approved by Genie for their line of access platforms. Contact us to learn more.

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Here's a great video of using the restraint lanyard properly! Be safe and #goSafe!

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The TUTUS Dropped Object Prevention Solutions™ (DOPS) provides an extended level of protection to aerial platforms by containing tools and material. #safetyatheight #tutusmeanssafety ... See more

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