Manlift Way (Part 2 of 3)

We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile. – -Earl Nightingale.

Engagement is an action requiring personal values that, at times, can be very difficult to uphold. It requires that you and your team invest time and energy to meet the expectations of others, but more importantly your own. Experts in their profession or craft will tell you, that being fully engaged requires diligence and enthusiasm to counter act the ever present temptation to become complacent. As the tour at MANLIFT got underway and our group from the International Powered Access Federation was brought to the “first check line”, I began to notice something very obvious from the staff and leadership of the MANLIFT access group.

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” – -Winston Churchill.

It would be great to know the one word that describes us. The single word that others would use to describe the company we have built, or the company we currently work for. Every one of us has a scope of work that we must do, in order to achieve the goal that we have established for ourselves. At the end of this article, I shall give my opinion of the single word that I believe describes the team members, the company, and the leadership of MANLIFT. By the end of our tour I was shown the deeply rooted goal of incorporating the Manlift Way into the everyday.

Christine in this photo explaining the details of the Manlift Way process for “first check”.

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Here we are at the “first check” where all of the essentials are going to be done to make a determination of what must be performed to get the equipment back to the “ready line” as quickly as possible while guaranteeing safe, reliable, good looking equipment is provided to the rental customer.

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In this photo you will see no one around, this is only because the tour required normal yard operations to be halted. During normal operating hours, this is where all the action happens. The blue painted lines, indicate as part of the “Manlift Way”, the load and unload zone. Once again what stood out to me as I walked the yard was the deliberate utilization of space to minimize as much waste as possible.

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This portion of our tour really caught my attention. I was raised in a rural part of Texas where at one time, the town economy was highly dependent on water. As a young boy living in this small town South of Dallas, we experienced several years of droughts. My family home was surrounded by corn and cotton fields, these crops attracted thousands of large hungry grass-hoppers the size (at that time) of my hand, that thrive in dry conditions. These grasshoppers, or locus as some might call them, are very tall creatures, that made a lot of noise, and their length was from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm. These pest have forever left a permanent mark on me to understand and respect the importance of conservation.

Part of the Manlift Way is water conservation. This simple container surrounding the Genie Lift is an effective way to utilize the resources and space in a controlled and elegant way. It is hard to argue with the logic of utilizing such a system, even in a region with an abundance of water. Best practices like these are always great ideas.

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In this photo Elmar and Rob are showing how the Manlift Way ensures that no part of the inspection is skipped. Before equipment makes its way to the customer the Manlift Way ensures that all functions including speed controls and functions are checked prior to going to “ready line”.

To the right of the “Elevated Speed Test Zone” is an area that is important, but is not a place that any rental company desires full. The area just past the Genie Lifts is the “Hard Down”. Manlift Way takes great pride in its ability to keep the zone as empty as possible.

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As the outside portion of our tour is nearing completion I once again am taken aback by the organization and cleanliness of the MANLIFT yard. There is no mistaking what the purpose is of the tools, material and of the equipment on site. The safety warnings and labels give clear evidence of a commitment to the safety of those working.

It has become very clear to me what my opinion of the Manlift Way is. I have concluded that it’s not a policy, or just an award winning best practice. The Manlift Way is a philosophy that is deeply rooted into the employees and leadership of MANLIFT. The Manlift Way is built on bedrock, and one of the corner stones is the values for engagement.

The one single word that I will use to describe MANLIFT from this day forward is:


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I ask the roughly 100 readers that will take the time to read this article. please comment with the one word you would like your company to be described as. Our goals should mirror this single word. Only great things are simple and from where I am sitting, I see a lot of greatness out there.

Share in the comment section the single word that your company desires to be described by.

Look for this photo as the headline image for MANLIFT WAY (PART 3) FINAL.

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