SkyNet™ Work Platform Netting

The ability to move freely beneath a stadium ceiling multiple stories above the ground seems awkward at best, considering high places are out of the reach of most work scaffolding and bucket lifts.

And what if you could install a walking/working floor just below the ceiling without the use of metal fasteners, drilling or modifying the existing structure?

It might seem the correct answer would be walking on air, but close – it’s called a work-platform net; a floor wide temporary walking/working platform made entirely from high strength synthetic netting and tensioned web straps.

“Believe it or not, i’m walking on air” Joey Scarbury 

The work-platform net is designed to allow trades without rope access knowledge to work safely in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to conventional means of access. 

Work-platform nets have become a standard for high access work in Europe and are now being used in North America for high rise construction and stadium work.

TUTUS, LLC an authorized distributor of InCord safety net products, offers the new SkyNet™ Work Platform Netting, a revolutionary new solution for working at heights where scaffolding and aerial lifts may not be practical. Utilizing a net and tension strap design, SkyNet provides unlimited mobility across the entire tensioned working surface.

Work-platform nets are deployed and easily moved and anchored between a framework of beams or other solid structures. Tensioning web straps running through the structural net like a grid maintain a flexible yet stable walking surface. Tools and machines may even be placed on the net within given restrictions.

Walking and working on work platform net is very easy with little practice and allows for greater freedom of motion for crew as opposed to narrow scaffolding or a bucket lift. When you set foot onto the net, it will sag slightly with your weight. Once accustomed, walking and working with others on the platform net provides complete freedom of motion so that you may concentrate on the work at hand.

SkyNet™ is a high strength work-platform net made in the United States by InCord, the leading experts in safety nets and fall protection. SkyNet is built to EU Standards EN 1263-1 Class B1 Standard and complies with ANSI test methods for strength under load. SkyNet is sold through authorized distributors and may only be site installed by qualified and trained personnel.

In accordance with regulations, work-platform nets are used in work places where specific conditions and safety measures must be observed. Vertical barrier nets are commonly used on exposed ends, creating a caged work area.

Come see us at CONEXPO CON/AGG 2017, to learn about SkyNet™ and all the new products offered by TUTUS LLC. Booth C22537.

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