The Manlift Way (Part 1 of 3)

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.” Quoted by Dwight D. Eisenhower

Integrity is a value that I spent a lot of time thinking about and speaking about. You see, in what now feels like a past life to me. I was an instructor of the core curriculum and electrical fundamentals for the NCCER trade program. In that not so distant life I learned one thing quickly. With integrity you will never fail. What I then would try to the best of my ability was to pass on my experience and teach my students a few of these points. Integrity keeps you safe, integrity keeps you motivated to be consistent and diligent in your work. Integrity demands an incredibly lot of the individual, group or company that claims to uphold it. Integrity is the mark of a true leader.

Upon my return from Dubai, if I am asked to take someone to see a Class A rental operation, one that demonstrates integrity, one that has their very own way of doing things. I will answer Manlift, you need to be shown in person just how to do it The Manlift Way.

This was not my first time to visit Manlift in Dubai. This was the first time I was apart of a tour where the Manlift team gave us the behind the scene look into how they provide safe, effective, good looking machines for rent. It’s all achieved through The Manlift Way.

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What impressed me the most about being a part of this tour, was knowing that the signs and commitment to empowering the employees to succeed utilizing the Manlift Way was no act. The shop workers movements, signage placement and culture was enough evidence for me to know that the Manlift Way is a part of the culture. (see equipment cycle photo).

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The ready line is, in my opinion, such an appropriate place to introduce the Manlift Way. The integrity and commitment that the Manlift Way teaches is all about how to take equipment off rent from a customer and get it back to the ready line as quickly as possible. Once in the ready line. Manlift is putting equipment back on rent and increasing revenue.

Photo of Robert Cavaleri РRegional Training Safety and Compliance Manager at Manlift 

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What really stood out to me, while I looked over the well maintained equipment on site was how the Manlift Way is efficient. My pictures will not give this site’s utilization of space the credit it deserves. If you own a restaurant you know that profits are predicted off three key points.

  1. Available space
  2. Utilization of that space
  3. Number of times customer (assets) turnover within your space.

Manlift has every bit of this logic deeply rooted into the design of their yard. Electric engines are grouped separate from combustible. Sold or outright sale equipment is isolated and organized away from rental. The round about circling the ready line acts as much as a tool for Manlift as it does for efficient turning radius for the tractors to maneuver.

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Look for this image and please like and comment on this article. I will continue The Manlift Way in Part 2 of this article.

Thank you for you reading and if you are doing work in the UAE. Give this team a call and learn as much as you possible can about the Manlift Way.

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